Thursday, July 17, 2008

Give me an L

With a son graduating from high school and a daughter going into the 11th grade, my own teen years have been coming up in discussion a lot. I'm probably also just at "that age."

I epitomized the word Loser to the point where it is hilarious (along with being somewhat pathetic). I was "overweight" (at 135, for God's sake), wore glasses, and (the kiss of death) had a really good vocabulary. I was also a bookworm. But wait, it gets better. I lived on a dairy farm and grew up running barefoot through cow manure and our house was across the street from the barn. Every day when I got on or off the bus I had to listen to "Ewww, is that smell coming from your house?" They referred to the farm as Cowshit Corners. We didn't have much money (farmers don't) so I wore hand me downs that were always about 2 years out of date. In the summer, we sat by the side of the road selling sweet corn $1.00 a dozen (but you got a baker's dozen).

I... was an Albany County Dairy Maid. I belonged to a square dancing group called the "Top Teen Twirlers." We performed at fairs in 1976, dressed in "period clothing" from 1776 and 1876. I was on the yearbook committee and in the cross country ski club and chorus and I carried the banner in the school marching band. Is it any wonder I grew up to become a Librarian who knits?

On the bright side, I'm also back on track with weight Loss.


Wendy said...

Honestly, you probably had a much better childhood than the rich popular kids when it really gets down to it; so don't knock it. :)

I cannot belive Nick has graduated... they grow up so stinking fast, don't they!?!

Oh, and I really, really envy your knitting skills... I can't seem to get past page 3 in the knitting books I have gotten and I have no one to teach me.

I also envy your being a librarian. The library always seemed like one of the most awesome places EVER to work. You get to spend all day surrounded by books and your workplace is pretty much always quiet. Oh, and you have the power to fine people. Being a librarian ROCKS!

Courtney said...

Holy crap, a good vocab makes you a Loser! Not in your social group, certainly :) Oh heck, it all pays off in the end right? You're dealing with the big transitions very well Karen. I applaud you, seriously.

gnaed said...

They called me Dictionary Miller. You have to remember that I was in a really, REALLY small town.
I get to choose my associates now. I go for big vocabularies.

Wendy said...

So, when are we going to have another blog entry, huh????