Monday, September 01, 2008

How does that saying go?

The thing about cliches is that there's enough basis in truth to make them worth repeating and sometimes I'm very envious of the fact that someone else already said it so much better than I can. One of the many great things about having children is that you often get to be the first person to introduce a cliche and sometimes they even think it was an original thought. Then they go to kindergarten.

The saying that triggered this post is "The more things change..." You know it is a really old and common cliche when you don't even have to finish it. When my son was a little boy, he fell out of the bunk bed in spite of the railing and fell out of his normal bed once or twice, too. So I'm not sure why I thought it was such a great idea to have his bed lofted at college. Yeah, he really did fall out. So, his father went and picked him up and they went to see grandpa D., who made two L shaped bulletin boards that now tuck under his mattress. Bed rails in disguise. He didn't think I was amusing when I suggested he explain that this is why he doesn't drink.

He has discovered that several of his suitemates believe that Intelligent Design should be taught in schools. What amazes him is that they deny the whole leap of faith part of it. I really and truly find it hard to believe his claim that this was the first time he ever heard me say "Man is a rational being. He can rationalize anything."

Speaking of people who don't listen to me, my father sent out one of his mass emails yesterday to say that his brother finally convinced him that he needs a blog so everyone can sign up to get his really very interesting entries automatically. Sigh. I told him that a year ago, but he's actually listening to his brother.

I'm sure dad would also be surprised to discover that not only have I listened to him on occasion, I even use his cliches on my children. It only seems fair. Yeah, by the way, Dad, that one about life not being fair is not one of the ones I use on my children. I still don't buy into that one. I'm still convinced that's a cop out for not trying. However, I do use "The one sure way of not getting something is not trying for it." You have to apply for the job, try out for the team, ask the boy out, and take the risk. Okay, he never suggested I ask a boy out, but I'm sure it belongs in there.


Courtney said...

"Coming into his own" is one of those things that I thought only old people said. Either it has all of a sudden become a youthful phrase, or I'm getting old =O

Wendy said...

Hey~ how are you doing? How are the teens doing? Is Nick settling into college?