Monday, January 26, 2009

The ubiquitous BB gun story

This BB gun story happened to my husband and his brother and is a favorite with both of my children. Tony and Joe both had BB guns, but for some reason on this particular day Tony was using Joe's BB gun and he shot at something in the pond. Joe screamed that Tony had shot him in the stomach! Tony denied this hotly, declaring that he had shot the pond, not his brother, and to prove it, he fired again. He must have been an awfully good shot because he hit the exact same spot and the BB ricocheted once more off the surface of the pond and straight into his brother's stomach for the second time.

Note: Joe just had a red stomach, no serious damage. It was, after all, a BB. And the significance to the fact that it was Joe's BB gun is now apparent. Joe never told on his brother because they would have taken away Joe's gun, a fact that was very quickly pointed out to him by his loving brother.

We refer to this incident as "The time your father shot his brother in the stomach - twice!"

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